Lone Tree Retirement Center

picture of Lone Tree Retirement Center Lone Tree is a 60 bed, adult, intermediate health care facility that employs over 70 people; a variety of services are offered by certified medical and support staff including: therapeutic, social, physical and spiritual needs.

Experiences that are enjoyed by the mature include: general wellness, bingo, manicures, travel, walking trail, animals, skyping, music, history, poetry, art, children, family dining, a quiet neighborhood, whirlpools, gardening, local grasslands/wildlife, Olympics, coffee hour, 4-h fair, and family & community engagements. We also offer in house podiatry, dental, and eye & hearing services.

About Lone Tree Retirement Center

Our community, Meade, in SW Kansas is identified with the Lone Tree Massacre, an event whereby six land surveyors were killed by Indians southwest of town in 1874 and subsequently buried under a solitary cottonwood tree according to history.

This name, Lone Tree, was given to the first long term care facility in Meade County which was built in 1965, and a new building was constructed in 1990 which retained the name Lone Tree. Meade District Hospital, an acute hospital built in 1951 (new hospital built in 2004), purchased Lone Tree in July, 2005, and collectively became known as the Artesian Valley Health System.

(620) 873-2146

801 E Grant
PO Box 340
Meade, KS 67864

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Unit Director: Sheila Brown

Nursing Director: Janie Chaloupek

Activities Director: Christina Rosendahl

Social Services Director: Barb Ediger

Restorative Therapy Director: Janice Roberts

Dietary Director: Peggy Neel